When its about looking casual, the first thing that comes in our mind is ‘nude make up’, a nude make up will give you that adorable “No make up look”



For a flawless look, it is must make your face look Perfect!

Start with a clean face,and apply foundation properly on your face, here I am using Maybelline FIT ME foundation (the shade accordingly).

After applying foundation, go for compact, again here I’m using Maybelline compact.

Apply it evenly on your face.

After working properly on base, its turn to glow up those cheeks. Apply blush on your  cheeks evenly. I have used Maybelline Cheeky Glow BLUSH(shade accordingly)



As it is a nude make up look, hence just go for simple mascara.

Here I have applied Maybelline hyper curl colossal express Mascara.

TIP: Apply Kajal (Kohl) on your upper eye lid to make your eyes look bigger even when you are not applying any eye shadow, eyeliner, or bold kajal (kohl).





Again I repeat, as its a nude make up, Lips are also supposed to look natural, apply lip balm, and then a stroke of your favorite nude lipstick shade. Don’t forget to keep it light.

Here I have applied a stroke of “ELLE 18 Coral Nude”.

As this lipstick is bit glossy, hence I have also applied a bit of ‘White Tone’powder to mattify it.



Put on this look and get the tag of- “natural beauty”.

Enjoy Being Beautiful! (:


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