Tips to Look Classy with a limited pocket money ! 

Hey girls! Today I’m going to tell you how to look classy and fashionable even with a low budget. For me a Classy look refers to be stylish, trendy and elegant at the same time.

It is fantasy of every girl to look very stylish and fabulous in her college, but how is it possible with a limited pocket money???

It is possible girls!!! I will tell you how to look amazing even with so less money in your pocket.

So, here are 5 tips which are going to help you out in looking stylish in low budget:

1. Go for the classy colors:

The colors like black, beige, brown, white, red, cream, will never ditch you. You can wear these colors anytime and on any occasion. These are those colors which makes a person look classy and elegant as these colors are very soothing to eyes.


2. Don’t wear clothes that reveal too much of your skin:

“Being fashionable or stylish somewhere means that you need to show off your skin.” This is what most of the people think, but it is absolutely WRONG!

Girls instead of showing more of your skin, you need to reveal less. Wear the clothes which make you look decent not vulgar.


3. Focus on good accessories:

You can buy clothes for very less money, but accessorizing it with beautiful neckpieces, watch, bracelet, rings, bags, etc. will make your dress look expensive and will give you a very decent and stylish look.

4. Go for good fabrics:

No matter for how much you are buying the clothes, do make sure that you buy a good fabric. Do not go for the fabric which is possessing more than 30% synthetic.


5. Footwear are to be focused:

It is well said that when you want to judge a person, take a look at his feet first.

Your footwear would enhance your look. Go for flats, heels, shoes, whatever you feel comfortable. But buy a good quality of shoes, even if they are cost higher than your clothes.


Along with these secrets for classy look, you also need to follow the following guidelines:

I. Your makeup should be light

Keep your makeup simple. A stroke of kajal (kohl) , or eyeliner, or simple beige/baby pink light eye shadow, with blusher, and nude lipstick is very sufficient.

II. Take care if any thread coming out or any stain on the clothes

Before going out, check if any thread is coming out of your dress or if there is any stain on your clothes. If you observed that stain, other people would also observe it. Change it!!


III. Keep it elegant

Do not overdo make up, or over accessorize your dress, keep it simple and stylish.


IV. Never stick 24*7 on your phone

A lady becomes quite unattractive when she is on her phone 24*7. If you’ll keep checking your phone every time you will look quite awkward and unattractive. Try to avoid your phone while out.


V. A good body posture is essential

Make your body posture good. Keep your back straight while sitting, or walking.

While walking keep your back straight and chin up.


VI. Take care of hygiene

Be hygienic, take proper bath, take care of your teeth, and nails.

If you want to apply nail paint, go for beige, red color, they will look classy, and simple and enhance the beauty of your hands.



13 thoughts on “Tips to Look Classy with a limited pocket money ! 

  1. you have left one most important point in this blog that is how to bargain ..:p
    btw it was nice and if girl will follow their looks according to this blog so boy can see more beautiful girls all around (in good manners) .and i heard something about clothes or fashion ..i would like to say that ..dressing is a way of life ….:) keep blogging


  2. i have always thought that bargaining is in every girls blood but you proved me wrong …:p but u must barging in such a place like paalika and SN Because this kind of market where the shopkeeper makes everyone fool with rates…if we will not barging over there SO…ohhkk now
    i thing your moms perception on you is right….लूटेरी..:D kidding

    Liked by 1 person

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