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A Stranger Who Made My Heart Skip A Beat (Dear Diary I)

Dear diary,Today I met him.

Yeah I know meeting a Facebook friend sounds quite awkward ! But it must be for the first and last time that I’m going to see him. 

It was afternoon, around 1:00 pm

He arrived, like a gentleman, and opened the door of the car and made me feel comfortable. Still there was something awkward that was bothering me. May be, because this was our first meeting. We reached our destination. 

I sat on the chair while he was ordering lunch. 

He came back and sat before me. 

“You sing well”, he apperitisted. “Thank you”, i spoke softly.

There was awkward silence. 

He was trying to make me feel comfortable by talking over some ‘anything’ kind of stuff. 

But meanwhile when I was looking at him I caught his eyes looking at me once, twice and then when it was third time I ended up asking him “why are to looking at me like this?” (And I was blushing of course)

“No I’m not looking at you!” He replied “I’m looking at those two uncles sitting behind you”

I smiled (though his excuse was very lame ).

After having lunch, we just left for a short drive (as I had to arrive home early).

I was quiet! 

I had nothing to say and then suddenly in between those soothing songs and slow driving, he shouted “Autograph”

I asked what Is he talking about. 

He replied “I want your autograph, we met for autograph only Nah!”

I had nothing to say but he was forcing me, I had to do a huge “Signature” on the piece of paper he gave me. 

“We’ll convert it into autograph one day” he said to me, very politely, with a breathtaking smile on his face.

Then he dropped me at my place. 

It was great meeting him. 

I’d met a lot of people. But I don’t have any idea why meeting him was so different and exciting. 

It was neither a date but nor less than a date. 

His behaviour , the things he was talking about , everything was so unique and it attracted me towards him.

I guess the most attractive thing I found in him was his purity and uniqueness.

His thoughts and actions were something, extremely opposite to that of today’s people. Rather than going with the flow, He was creating his own way. 

The way he was looking at me, is something that is still making me blush!

I found him cute, childish, but mature and gentleman at the same time. 
I think I’m falling for him


Can we fall in love with the one whom we met on social networking site? 

Is it safe? Or it could be threatening ?

This meeting left me with number of questions. 
But I’m excited much to see what happens next 

Till then ,

Good bye ❤️

With love 



8 thoughts on “A Stranger Who Made My Heart Skip A Beat (Dear Diary I)

  1. Every person doesn’t have a same nature or thinking … And if your heart says that it’s right to met some one from the social network so just follow your heart don’t think about others what they think …and I have a same experience..I met a girl via Facebook and today’s our 5th anniversary but the thing is that I love her and she drop me in her fiend zone quota …..😂😂 And we are bff as she says…… .

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yup my life struggling with this bloody friend zone Chakravyuh …😑😑😑😑 Do you have any idea or suggestions for crack this Chakravyuh ….


      2. If she is already in relationship then drop this idea of getting her. But yeah if you really want her to be with you, you just need to know everything about her and just show your love whenever you get the chance. (I’m talking about expressing love in emotions )


  2. Right now she is single .. but whenever I told her that I love you and all she always think or she always take all my thoughts in a funny way ….. May be I have done so much majak😂 with her that’s why now she getting my emotions in a funny way ……..


  3. Ohk thankew for the suggestion ….😃 But m sure she never out me her friend zone quota …😑😑😑….dnt know but I feel like that…but phir bhi thankew Gorgeous diaries blog 😊 nd waiting of ur next post …😃😃


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