Indian marriage

Modern dowry-kill the self Confidence

DOWRY is the word which has a very bad impact on the life of a girl and her parents. 
It is a practice followed in India in which bride’s parents pays amount of money and assets to groom on marriage.

This practice has been followed since ages, but now, the time has changed, our country is developing, people have changed and so is their thinking. People are educated these days, most of the people prefer educated girl over dowry.

But dowry is still being practiced in our culture, with few changes in it.

Before it was all about assets, money, property. But now, it is about freedom and self-respect of a girl.

After marriage, no matter if a girl is working or not. She has to do the household chores herself. And if anything goes wrong, she is blamed for that.

If the lady is earning and self-stand, still she need to take permission from her husband or in-laws for almost everything, whether going out, buying something or anything, she needs to ask her husband about it. Isn’t it too dominating?

Being an independent girl, she still needs to be dependent on her husband for many of the works. It is not that she cannot do the stuff herself, but she needs to show that she is dependent upon him to make him feel superior as he needs that.

No doubt! She is mentally harassed by her husband and in laws.

Even if her in-laws never demanded dowry from her parents, still when they hear about what other family got in dowry, they start making sarcastic comments about what her bride brought in dowry and what she bought for them.

She becomes helpless. She doesn’t know what to do and where to go.

If she complains her parent about the situation, what will she say to them, her in-laws are neither harassing her sexually, nor physically. Only she knows what is she going through. 

Not only in arrange marriages, but in love marriages as well, all such things happen. Even when a girl is in relationship with her beloved, she suffers the same dominancy and independence yet dependency.

She could not complain about it to her beloved, and this thing grows and grows and grows. This gives him the feel that she is not having any problem with such things and instead she is loving this behavior.

She is dis-respected and nobody realises her worth and value. She loses the confidence which she had. She was a free bird when she was with her parents, they grew her to be independent, confident, and fight the world, but her feathers are destroyed the very day she gets married.


And the worst part is that most of the ladies are going through this and they cannot tell anybody about her conditions and through which phase of life she is going on. At last she gets used to to this life and compromises on her part.


“Dowry is not exactly vanishing, but showing its another phase”


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