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15 Tips To Nurture Your Daughter In India

Daughters are the precious gift of God. They are angels for every parents.

In the country like India, females are considered as Goddess, yet the condition of females is worst.

Parents get worried when it comes to their daughters, they know she has to suffer a lot in future. This is mentality of we Indians that a girl has to suffer a lot in her future, and this is not wrong. A lot and lot of cases come forward day by day about what is happening with the girls. Maximum of such cases are dowry and rape cases and the worst part is that instead of blaming boys for doing such things the girls are blamed for all such issues. And instead of teaching boys that they should respect girls, the girls are taught to wear decent clothes and make her lifestyle domestic and decent. 
Here are 15 best tips which O would love to tell you about how to nurture your Daughter in India:

1. Encourage her

Encourage your daughter for everything. From her studies to her favorite sports and activity. When she will get encouragement from your side, she will always be confident that her parents are there beside her ! For her !


2. Teach her Moral Values and ethics

The ethics and moral values should be there in a child. She will reflect her family, and the values given by her parents before the world. Make sure she learns good from you and you teach her values that would help her to be a better human.


3. Educate her

Education is the most necessary thing which is required. Give proper education to your daughter, so that she could stand on the own feet and become independent. She won’t need any guy before her every time to earn for her and take care of her.


4. Grow Self-respect in her

Make her strong enough that she grows her own ego and self-respect. but remember do not make her develop this much ego which  could affect her life very very badly.


5. Make her Confident

Make her a confident girl. Confident enough to face this cruel world and make her own identity before everybody.

6. Teach her to Handle the situation

Handling the situations is one of the most complicated work to do. Even for elders, solving the complicated situations is very difficult. It is essential to teach your daughter how to handle the situations easily and calmly.

7. Stay in touch with culture

Teach her about your culture, your ethics, your religion, your practices etc. and grow her with complete knowledge about her culture. She should be attached to her culture.

8. Improve her Decision making power

Decision making power is too much essential for a girl. She should know what is good for her and what is not. Teach her a habit of sharing every incident with parents and tell her what she is supposed to do and why and what will be the impact of thing. This will develop a decision making power in her. 

9. Teach her Self defense

Self-defense is very important for a girl. She should know what to do when she is alone and in trouble. She should know how to be aware every time. What things she should avoid and what she should take care of.


10. Teach her Manners

How she behaves in public, does she respect elders, and how is her over all behavior. Teach her manners to behave, so that every time you’ll be with her or go out with her, you’ll be very proud of her behaviour.  

11. Discipline 

Discipline is to practice the habit of obeying the rules. Being decent and behaving what is required at what time shows discipline of the girl, a disciplined person can achieve anything!!!


12. Keep her Down to earth

She should know the reality of everything. What happens, how happens, tell her about conditions. And grow the seed of being down to earth in it.


13. Give her freedom

Make her bold, because bold is smart. You should not put any restrictions on her regarding her dressing, but she should know a key “Dress in the sense, your parents would not feel embarrass to see you”

When you put up boundation to a child, they desperately feel like doing the work which they are not allowed to do, it is better to be always be there beside them but never create boundations. 

14. Teach her How to socialize

Being social is important for each and every person. How to behave socially is very necessary point. Teach your daughter from a very young age about how to behave in the public, how to be social. 

15. Sexuality

It is the duty of a mother to teach her daughter all the necessary things related to sexuality.

She will get to know about all this stuff, but it would be better that mother would teach her daughter about it, this would control her and guide her a right way. 🙂

Always remember 

“A confident woman can rule the world”

Sakshi Sundriyal 

Featured image (by instagram: @babychercules)

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