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My Makeup and Outfit plans for this Valentines 

Valentine’s Day is round the corner and Who don’t want to look gorgeous on that special day?

Along with a special day comes special worries🙄
“What outfit should I wear?”, “which make up to go for?” , “how much is too much?” Almost every girl have these questions in her mind these days.🤔
Here are few conditions which will make it easy for you to choose what to go for 💋
⭐️Whatever you wear make sure you are comfortable in it. Please don’t go for anything that is beautiful but uncomfortable
⭐️Red😍 Go for red colour. It is the colour of love and is consider most attractive color as well. When red and black are wore together no other combination could be sexier than this. ✨❤
⭐️Give importance to you shoes like you give to your dress 👠
⭐️Accessories. it’s okay to wear accessories but don’t wear too much of it. A decent neck piece OR choker OR bracelet OR watch would look better than wearing it all at once. 👑
Now comes
2. Make up 👄
Now comes the confusion that what amount of make up is sufficient for the day
Girl just don’t overdo it and rest is perfect
Matte is in Trend, so go for matte. 
Like you can go for smoky eyes look and the bold Matte lipstick (preferably red)
Or you can just go for a winged eyeliner and along with a matte lipstick. 
But just avoid shimmer. 

Here I am sharing my look, what are my outfit and makeup plans for this Valentine. 

14 thoughts on “My Makeup and Outfit plans for this Valentines 

  1. Iam not much aware about that fashion of girls but after looking to your outfits along with thoughts, would say girls who ever want to do for her loveing and want make their date special should take advise from you or follow you…

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  2. Seriously sakshi u r amazing in writing ur blogs … A week or a month of love which is only describe by ur words seriously only in this world perfectly….. Ur dress amazing ur smile love with this .. u r sooo sooo unique … Ur smile seriously amazing …. U r seriously on the top specially in blogs or in smiling just do more work for this ….😍😍😍

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