DIY Face Primer 

Hello everyone🤗You all must be knowing that applying primer before makeup is Necessary, but the sad part is that they are quite expensive.. but why would anybody go for these primers when you can make your own. Yes you read that right you can make your own Face primer that too with ingredients that are easily available at home and good for your skin. 
First of all I would like to tell you the 3 main benefits of face primers

1. It makes your skin softer 

2. Fills the pores

3. Bless your make up with a long life 

So here is what you need to make your own face primer

1. Aloe vera gel

2. Body lotion  

3. Foundation or BB cream

4. A container and you are ready to go

Step one

Pour some Aloe Vera gel in the container. (I’m using aloe vera gel from Patanjali )

Step two

Pour some lotion in the container. make sure ratio of aloe Vera gel and lotion is 1:1. 

I use Johnsons baby lotion hence using same in it. 

Step three

Pour few drops of foundation into it. 

Well I’m not a foundation person instead I use ponds BB cream. 

So You can replace foundation with BB cream. 

Step four

Mix all of them together and you’re all done ✅ 

Now this primer is ready to use. Apply it thoroughly on your face before you apply make-up and observe the difference it makes ❤

Stay Gorgeous 🤗❤💋


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