10 things you learn by age of 20

I don’t know why but I wanted to talk to you people today so writing few things which will hopefully help you people in one way or other. 🤗

I’m going to turn 20 next month and I’ve few things to share which I learnt before turning 20. Not only me, but I know every one had learnt the same thing, or you can relate these😁

So here are the 10 most important things that I learnt:

1. Talk to many but don’t trust any

World is full of selfish people. They Cannot see you growing.  The number of people you are surrounded by are temporary, so don’t trust anyone of them blindly. 
2. Parents are everything 

You must have heard that the parents are the living God and the statement is true. Along with the time you will notice and feel that the parents are the only one who will always think about your success, overall development and happiness with expecting nothing in return ❤
3. First love yourself before loving anybody else

There comes a time when you start falling for someone, start developing feelings for that person and start loving him or her but you will realise that loving  that person is something that is stopping you from loving yourself,  at some point of time you will get frustrated from everyone and everything and could be depressed for no reason. You won’t be able to understand what’s missing in your life. 

Love is what’s missing!!!  Before loving anybody else you should know how to love yourself. All your perks  and positive traits, you should love everything about you. You cannot love anybody else if you don’t love yourself. 
4. The rule of karma do exist

Yes people the rule of Karma exist. What you will do the others will come back to you someday.

 Do good to someone and something good will happen with you for sure. and if you do anything wrong with anybody, you’ll never know what you are going to pay for it in future. 
5. Being alone is a great sign of growing up 

You are alone, you don’t have friends or people don’t prefer talking to you, you cannot socialise  with many etc. Then congratulations you are growing up, you are being mature, you are learning how to do things on your own and you have great opportunity to explore things and enjoying your own company. That’s a great sign of brighter future 🤗
6. When everybody is against you believe me you are at the right path 

Nobody can see you becoming successful or doing anything which is making you stand out and developing you and your lifestyle. They’ll try to push you down, they’ll try to convince you to change the path, and even you’ll be alone at a time, it shows that you are going on a right path, continue doing the same thing no matter how many hurdles you go through 🙂 😘
7. Friends are your real enemies

Believe me or not! But according to me your friends are your true enemies. They’ll never let you succeed and will misguide you most of the time. Kindly learn how to live alone and be happy, its better to be alone than being surrounded by fake people. 
8. Do more of what makes you happy not others

At last. Your happiness is all what matters. Do the things that make you happy. Your inner self happy. You’ll not get anything by faking yourself and your lifestyle to impress others. People will say whatever they want to, but don’t change yourself for them. Keep yourself happy and enjoy being yourself ❤💋
9. Don’t discuss your personal issues on social sites
It is a mistake that every person do atleast once in a lifetime. If you are doing the same kindly stop. Sharing your problems on your social network will not solve your issues but will give a reason to people to laugh at your life. 

Discuss your issues with your parents or beloved. Or give yourself some time, go out in peace and talk to yourself about everything you want to and you’ll get the solution😇
10. Learn from your mistakes

If a mistake is done twice, it’s not a mistake. 

If you don’t learn from your mistakes, you probably won’t be able to develop yourself and will get stuck to the same level of development. 

Instead of regretting, learn from your mistakes and correct them in your present for a beautiful future. 

3 thoughts on “10 things you learn by age of 20

  1. I completely agree with this statement that it’s better to be alone rather than surrounded by fake people. We can enjoy this fake friendships for sometime but not for lifetime. It will give you nothing but only depression. Whenever something is going wrong in your life sit somewhere alone and analyze and ask to your self why wrong thing happened and how it can be rectified and trust me you will get the answer yourself. Try it…… Believe in you….

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  2. I really wasted my time and energy while discussing my personal issues with those who were good for nothing. It is really surprising to learn that first they will listen all your grievances with full of fake emotions and later on they will shout it out to others to make fun.


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