Look book ❤

Hello people❤Apologies for not posting anything for few days. I was quite busy with family stuff. Anyways, I'm back to you guys with three look books.  The three occasions that I chose are  1. Formal look 2. Casual look  3. Date look  Coming straight to the topic now: 1.  FORMAL LOOK Formalwears are boring. No… Continue reading Look book ❤


Lost in Colours!! ❤ “Holi Vibes”

Holi is a beautiful festival. All about spreading colours! colours of love, and colours depicting every person equal, no society difference, no caste based difference, no religion based difference. And the thing I love the most about this festival is that you can make as much mess as you want to make and mom won't… Continue reading Lost in Colours!! ❤ “Holi Vibes”

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Blinging the beauty in Blinglane

Hello people ❤ Recently I received a beautiful neckpiece from and no doubt I'm in love with this neckpiece😍 Blinglane is Delhi based ecommerce website, Selling jewellery and designer ornaments all over India.  Here are the details of the product I received:  Product Name - CHIRPY CUCKOO GOLD PLEATED NECKPIECE  Product code - BLN0960G13… Continue reading Blinging the beauty in Blinglane