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Note To Every Woman👑

Hello Ladies👑

Here is a special blog dedicated to you all on this Women’s Day, writing this with a hope that it will help you all in one way or other.🤗

I know many women who are too depressed, because they think they’re not perfect in one way or other, they are being criticized by many for one reason or other, they are being judged by everyone for one thing or other. 

I can feel you ladies, I’d been through the same, and even still go through the same thing almost every day.

You can’t change people, but that does not mean that you’ll change yourself just to make them think good about you!

I know there comes a time when you are fed up with everything, every person and start hating this “Human” thing, you think like finishing everything because nothing is going right, you feel like leaving to an unknown place alone in search of peace.
Deep inside, you are crying, but you cant even weep! After all you don’t want people to call you “Drama queen”.

I face the situation when people stare at me for being too modern when I’m wearing short dresses, on the other hand, when I go out by covering my complete body,People stare me for being too old fashioned!

If I hang out with boys, people question my character, if I hang out with girls, people question my safety!!

If I wear makeup, people call me fake, if I don’t, they call me boring.
People will judge you for everything, EVERYTHING!!! from your religion,Complexion, Dressing sense, to your designation. Just don’t let their comments effect your life. Listen to everyone, but do what you feel like doing. Don’t do what others want you to do, don’t let other people control your life. 

Your body shape should not be the reason you feel embarrassed in public. Compliment every bit of yourself. Have confidence in you. Express yourself and be proud of who you are. Everybody goes through tough times, but remember, those tough times are the only reason you become stronger.💕

You all are beautiful.

Your shape, size, scars, complexion, height, everything is just how you look outside, surround yourself with the ones who can see your inner beauty, cuz you are gorgeous, with a beautiful soul and warm heart and you deserve to be complemented for that.
Don’t let others control your happiness,
Do everything for yourself, your happiness and your satisfaction!


Stay gorgeous💋
A Very Happy Women’s Day 🤗 

Hugs and love to you all ❤

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