Look book ❤

Hello people❤Apologies for not posting anything for few days. I was quite busy with family stuff. Anyways, I’m back to you guys with three look books. 

The three occasions that I chose are 
1. Formal look

2. Casual look 

3. Date look 
Coming straight to the topic now:


Formalwears are boring. No doubt. But you can make them interesting if you wish to ❤️ by accessorising or fusing different trends together. 
Here is my look book for formal wear ❤️

Lookbook that I created comprises of Red printed Palazzo along with white Shirt, blue bag and heels. With a beautiful neckpiece to compliment the look❤️

Formal look



Casual is about taking it easy and comfy. 
You can wear a dress, along with complementary sneakers and accessorising with your favourite neckpiece. 

Casual Look



who don’t want to look gorgeous on her date? Here is a Lookbook, what I would prefer to wear on my date, as always, elegance, comfort,

And Trendy is what I go for ❤

You can wear short jumpsuit, along with a elegant watch, tie ups Footwears, and sling bag( to carry all your makeup stuff😅❤) 

Date Look

Stay Gorgeous 💋


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