Love and Relationships

How to Keep Your Girl for Lifetime 

Here is a post for all the men in love, or who are going through a complicated relationship,or singles who are searching for their better half.
Finding a lover is easy, but keeping Her for lifetime is what the actual task is. 

I think there is a need to take few minutes from your busy schedule to read this out, and you never know how it may help you. 

Here are Few tips on how to keep your girl for lifetime ❤

1. Time: 

Give her your time. Nothing is more beautiful than a man making efforts and time for his girl. I know its not possible to give all your time to her, but make sure you keep in touch with her when busy. Make plans with her when you get time. 

2. Attention: 

She crave your attention. If a girl is committed to you and you don’t pay attention to her, nothing could be more heartbreaking. If she is important to you, show it to her. 

3. Love of course: 

Sometimes, all she need is to hold your hand and talk about anything. Shower her with your love and see her returning you twice of the love you gave her. Never let distance, miscommunication, time issues, money, ever ruin your beautiful relationship. 

4. Respect: 

Respect is the pillar of any relationship. Respect your lady, respect her efforts , respect her feelings. I don’t think anything could ever work out if it lacks respect. 

5. Your physical presence: 

If you’re not there in her thick and thins, you are not worth her time. Your physical presence is very important. Your on-phone promises starts sounding fake when you don’t make time to meet her. 

6. Never take her for granted: 

NEVER TAKE HER FOR GRANTED !! People have a very bad habit of taking things for granted, please never do that to your partner or any other person, you don’t have any clue about how much they’re sacrificing for you, how much efforts she is making to be your perfect better half. 

7. Future plans: 

Discussing your future plans together is very important thing to do being in relationship. It not only brings positivity to your relationship, also it makes your bond and trust grow stronger. 

8. Lies: 

Well, who don’t hate lies? everybody does! And lying in a relationship or hiding anything in a relationship is The worst thing a beloved can ever do. Telling lies will not take you anywhere, but will take your relationship to an end. Stop lying if you seriously want a healthy relationship. 

9. Intimacy: 

We can’t ignore intimacy in a relationship. Sharing hugs, kisses, being cozy, making love, is a basic need of body. If you and your partner is lacking intimacy, go and try it. This will make both of you fall in love over and over. 

10. Priorities and Loyalty: 

No doubt! Work and family should be your first priority, but don’t forget to make her Next priority after your work and family. Make plans with her whenever you get time. If you’ve been cancelling your plans with her for your boys or anyone else, then its high time, take care that you prioritise her. Stay loyal to your girl and enjoy the healthy relationship. 

❤ Stay blessed 

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