Embracing Indian Beauty in Saree 

No matter how successful you get, how rich you are, how modern you try to be, you should never forget your roots! From where you came, where you belong to. 
I’ve been waiting to do a blogpost in saree, and finally it is here. Saree has always been one of my favourite attires.
The special thing about this saree is that my Mumma designed it❤ 

Here are few tips on wearing saree:

Elegant jewellery: 

Wearing jewellery is a must, but wear an elegant one. Heavy neckpiece can dull the grace of your saree, hence go for very elegant and light Jewellery. 

I’m wearing a watch and a delicate silver neckpiece from Archie’s gallery. 

Saree don’t go well with flats, rather wearing heels can enhance the look of the saree. It compliments your saree and makes you look beyond beautiful. ❤

Fitted blouse:

I saw many wearing loose blouse. It is mandatory to wear fitted blouse with your saree. A loose blouse can make you look too skinny and weird though. So keep in mind to wear fitted blouse. 


Take care of your body posture when in saree. Keep your back straight, head up and walk straight. 

A good posture will make you look perfect, whereas a bad posture an spoil your complete look. 

Makeup and hair:

I personally like to keep my hair open, bold lipstick, minimal makeup with good amount of blusher and highlighter when wearing saree. 

You can do it as you want to. But, don’t go for pony tail with it. 

Pick up the right petticoat:

Don’t go for the contrast colour petticoat, wear the one which compliments your saree. 

tight elasticated petticoat is the option you can go for if you want to look slimmer and get shape around your hips. 

Pin it up: 

Pin your saree properly, after all who wants a wardrobe malfunction?  

Use as many pins as you may like, to set your saree on proper place. 
Now You are all set to rock in saree 🤘🏻

Stay Gorgeous 💋

9 thoughts on “Embracing Indian Beauty in Saree 

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  2. Saree is just perfect.. it makes everyone look gorgeous beyond limits! You r looking fab! 👌 Btw please check out my blog I have started blogging recently 🙃

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