Keeping My Favourite Dress Alive !!

I bought a black dress from Reliance Trends around 2 years ago, and I Love it! I absolutely love it. Reason I love it is, its elegance. The dress is so simple and elegant, and as you guys know, I fall for elegant stuff. Yah! So coming back to the topic. That dress is now tight!! 😦 I’ve put on lit bit of weight, and as that dress is body con, it shows the fat I’ve gained in these 2 years. Neither I can wear it, nor I want to throw it out. 

I came up with a solution and that is 

Layering is when you layer up your dress with some other stuff like jacket, shirt, shrug, vest, etc. 

Layering layers up your dress and hides your curves, which makes you look slimmer. 

Without Layering
Without layering

After Layering it with tunic !!

I chose a tunic to layer my black dress, and it became *saviour*. 

I’ll always be grateful to this tunic for keeping my favourite dress alive ❤
I’m Winging my eyeliner today, with red lips, Good amount of highlighter for glow.

Make up 💋

I prefer wearing white sneakers with this dress. 

PS: You all are beautiful, no matter you’ve got thin body or thick one, you are beautiful and you don’t need to change yourself for anybody.

You’re thin? Show off what you’ve got, uncover your curves. 

And if you’re fat, Having fat is not a curse, you’re chubby and chubby is the new sexy *wink* wear what suits you and adds bling to your cuteness. ❤
Stay Gorgeous 💋❤️

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