Hey Summer! Friends??

Summer of 2017 is finally here, and so are health and skin issues.
I don’t need to explain how much harm does this sunlight causes to our skin, bc everybody is aware of those witty effects. 
I used to avoid moving out in sunlight, but now I can ❤ 

Here are few things I’m doing now to be friend with summer:

  • Stay Hydrated:

Keep yourself hydrated. Drink plenty of water, and keep yourself refreshed with other liquids like Juices and beverages. 

  • Replace daily tea with green tea:

Here is a note, replace your daily cup of tea with green tea, you’ll start experiencing freshness in your body throughout the day. 

  • Use sun screen:

Sun screens protect your skin from harmful UV rays, that protects tanning to a very good extent ! 


  • Exfoliate once in a week:

Exfoliate your skin once or maximum twice a week, this will remove the dead cells from your skin and give you a smooth skin. 

  • Breakfast is must: 

I can’t explain how necessary it is to have breakfast in the morning. A healthy breakfast fuels you up for rest of the day. Skipping it could result in dizziness throughout the day. 

So these were the new habits I’ve adapted in my daily routine, now I’ll talk about my outfit 😍

In this carefree look I’m carrying top, shorts and heels. 

Top is from Reliance Trends 

Shorts from Sarojini Nagar

Heels by unique

I’m in love with this top, and the reason is the print on it which is, Birds flying out of *cage*. 

I don’t know why but it fills me with positivity . (lol I can write a complete blog on why I love this top)

Makeup details : 

Lakmé sunscreen 

Ponds bb cream 

Maybelline cheeky glow

Nerd blusher as highlighter 

Ellewin matte lipstick

And I’ve applied stroke of Kajal on eyelids and blended it well.


I prefer to keep my hair open with side partition.
Goodbye till next time. 

Stay Gorgeous ❤💋

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