Comfy in College

I could’ve been more happier if my college wasn’t so far. It kills when you’ve to travel such a long distance !! and worst part is that you need 75% attendance 😭

Travelling in metro for approx 1 hour 30 minutes that too Without getting seat, is the most heartbreaking part of this story. 

Anyways, when I’ve to go through all this, I just can’t manage to throw that perfect look anymore. 

Of course I wish to look perfect, but it becomes very difficult to make it up. 

I had to get a solution as soon as possible and I got it !! 

Here is what solution I came up with 

I created the rule ” Carefree is the New Sexy 

This is what comes under this rule:
1. Wear less makeup but significant one. 

2. Comfy tshirts paired with jeans or jeggings Are everything. 

3. Ditch your heels and go for shoes or flat slippers. ( slippers sounds weird but you’ll thank me later for this advice)

4. Keep your hair open but keep a rubber band or clip along with you, in case you’ll feel like holding them in place. 

5. Go for totes!! Tote bags are not only cute but cheap and gives you good space to keep your necessities in it. What else you need?

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