Nighttime Skin Care Routine 

Hello people,No matter what you do all day long, what makeup you’re carrying throughout the day, when it comes to night, you need to give a break to your skin. You should make it breathe and grow up flawless. 

Hence your night skin care routine matters a lot !!!  

When it comes to if I take care of my skin, I’m very particular about it. Despite of a tiring day,I never miss my night skin care routine. 
Today I’m sharing my honest and personal night skin care routine, that I would strongly recommend to you people for a healthy skin.

1. Takeoff makeup with Johnson’s baby oil

The very first step I go for is taking off my makeup. I don’t use any makeup remover,instead I use Johnson’s baby oil for removing my makeup. The results are too good, and baby oil won’t ever harm your skin. 

Johnson’s baby oil

2. Wash your face 

Secondly, I wash my face using Ponds face wash. After trying so many facewash, I finally got something that’s made for me 😍 ponds white beauty face wash is what I would recommend you all to go for. The results are amazing, as compared to other face washes that I’ve tried.  

Ponds White Beauty Face Wash

3. Apply rose water 

After washing my face, I prefer taking Rose water on cotton and dabbing it all over my face, including lips and eyes. 

This refreshes the face And makes your skin feel lighter. 

Khadi Gram Rose Water

4. Apply Vaseline on eyelashes

After a short break of 15-20 minutes, I apply petroleum jelly on my eyelashes. It gives you thick and healthy eyelashes 😍

(You gotta do it for those beautiful eyelashes) 

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

5. Apply aloe Vera gel Overnight 

And the last thing I go for is applying aloevera gel all over my face OVERNIGHT!! it makes me wake up with healthy, and glowing skin. Also it helps in removing acne.

You can apply aloe Vera gel straight outta stem, or you can buy Patanjali aloe Vera gel which I use. ( links are given below from where you can buy the mentioned products) 

Patanjali Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera has been my secret since teenage, it give us many skin and health benefits, even it works as heat protectant for your hair while styling them. 

So this was my complete routine!!

You can buy the above mentioned products from here:

1. Johnson’s baby oil

2. Ponds White Beauty Face Wash

3. Khadi Natural Rose Water

4. Vaseline petroleum jelly

5. Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel


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