Summer-friendly Date Look

Hello Cute Hearts ❤️

I hope you all are doing well, today’s blogpost is about how to look fabulous on day date during summers. 

Don’t let the summer heat, spoil your date. I know it is very difficult to look good and carry the same look thoughout the day during summer. 

When it comes to our summer attire, we are extremely comfortable in those pyjamas or shorts, and never feel like wearing those tight fitted dresses and even avoid wearing jeans, but at the same time we want to look fashionable and trendy, moreover when it comes to a date, we are more conscious about our looks and outfit, after all who don’t want to look amazing for their man? ❤️
The problem arrives when you’ve a day time date and the heat is not allowing you to wear those sexy fitted dresses and carry that flawless makeup. ☹️

Here is the solution!! 😍

Have a look at how I carried my summer date look 😉

Here I’m Wearing a waist fit and flare dress from trends and the best part is that the fabric of the dress is too good to carry all day long in summers. 

I kept my makeup minimal with just eyeshadow and fuschia pink lipstick 💄. I decided to keep my hair open, and pair this dress with heels

The soft fabric and only waist fit of this dress made me feel comfortable throughout the day! And almost “no makeup” thing made me tension free of those makeup malfunctions due to summer heat. 

Try the look and don’t forget to let me know your review ❤️☺️

Winding up:

  • Wear a dress whose fitting is according to your comfort 
  • Prefer bright colour
  • Prefer Heels over sneakers and belly shoes. 
  • Makeup should be soft enough, avoid more of base makeup, and focus on your lips and eyes. 

P.S. after this shoot, I went for a haircut, so I decided to post 3 different hairstyles for the ones with medium long hair length. Click here to watch video.  ✨

So go girl 💋 

Don’t let the summer heat affect your love life. 💕

Stay Gorgeous 💋


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