Beat The Heat!! Summer Essentials 

Summer is the season of dehydration and tanning, the harmful rays and loo can make you very sick, going out in summers is a big deal to go through, but we can’t compromise on our needs and work just because of the deadly weather. 

Carry these things in your bag and get ready to beat the summer heat:

  • Water bottle

Your body needs a lot of water! So keep yourself hydrated. 

  •  Wipes

Carry wet wipes along with you. You’ll need them whenever you want to wipe that dust off your face when you’re outdoors

  • Cotton Scarf

Always Carry a scarf with you, to cover your skin and protect it from Sun rays. If you don’t have one.  Feel free to use dupatta instead. 

  • Sunscreen 

Keep your sunscreen handy, so that you could avoid tanning. 

  • Sun glasses 

Protect your eyes from loo and summer heat by wearing sunglasses. 

  • Hair clip

Keep few hair clip along with you because it’s better to do a hair updo instead of letting your hair also suffer the heat effect. 

  • Deodorant

Carry a deodorant to smell fresh throughout the day. 

  • Fruits

Please start having fruits if you don’t. They give you amazing health and skin benefits. Also carry fruits whenever you go out, it will make you feel fuller and healthy all day long. 

  • Lip balm 

Lip balm is a must have in summers, they’ll help you to avoid dry and chapped lips that usually occur due to lack of water.

  • Makeup kit 

Because touch ups are important! Right?
Take Care and stay Gorgeous 💋
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