“ I have nothing to wear” Dilemma- Solved!

Hello loves 💕
Today’s blogpost is about an issue which every girl can relate to.

 “I have nothing to wear”

It is the biggest dilemma every morning in almost every girl’s life.

Even when the cupboard is full of clothes, still we feel like we don’t have anything to wear.

Today morning, when I was going through the same issue of not having anything new to wear, idea clicked in my mind, of wearing my old loose tshirt as dress. I took out my old tshirt and wore it as a dress and TaDa!!


See! How happy and satisfied I look  with the result.

It just took me an old loose tshirt, Scarf, and a waist belt to create a new look out of old clothes.

This is how I did it:

1. Wear your tshirt in such a way that your hands come out from the same neckline hole from where you take out your head.

2. Shift your dress bit down ( according to your comfort)

3. Fold the sleeves inside

4. Now take the scarf and wear it in such a way that it hide your inside folded sleeves. 

5. Secure it by adding a waist belt.

For creating chic look, I paired it with white floral sneakers and floral handbag, and used a hair band to secure my hair.
Hope you enjoyed my post.  Try this out and don’t forget to share your images with me ❤️

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Good bye till next time 🌸😘

Stay Gorgeous ❤️

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