Treat Your Taste Buds with Sorich Organics + Sharing My Garlic Bread Recipe

Today's blogpost is neither related to fashion, nor beauty, but this time its about food. I've recently received some interesting products from Sorich Organics and couldn't wait to try them out.
Sorich Organics is a new brand, dealing in herbs, spices, nuts, seeds and all other super foods. The products are grown naturally. Their products are of very good quality as well as preservative free.
Sorich Organics offer us the products directly from the growers to give us natural, finest quality herbs and spices for all our needs.
The aroma, flavours, and freshness is another best thing about Sorich Organics's products.
The products that I've received are :

  • Garlic bread seasoning,
  • Italian Spice,
  • Red Chilli flakes,
  • Lemon chilli,
  • Flax seeds
  • Raw hemp seeds

Italian Spice Seasoning:
It is perfect seasoning that could enhance the taste of your Italian dish instantly.
Being an Italian food lover, I almost used it in every Italian dish I made, and now I'm quite addicted to this seasoning now.

Red Chilli Flakes:
Yes I love spicy food, and probably every citizen of Delhi must be spicy food lover too.
Red chilli flakes by Sorich Organics are my kind of perfect spicy, I use them above pizza, garlic bread, even over pasta ( because I love experimenting) and it haven't disappointed me till now.

Lemon Chilli Sprinkler:
Now This is something new that I haven't tried before. I was excited to know how it tastes, it gives a "chatpata" flavour to the dish, i.e., makes it bit spicy and sour, which is an amazing combination.
You can Use it as secret ingredient for lemon chicken.

Flax seeds:
I don't had much knowledge about flax seeds, but I've heard that they help in reducing weight and achieving a healthy skin, I was extremely happy when I saw flax seeds is one of the products I'm going to receive. This is the first time I've used flax seeds. I started having Sorich Organics flax seeds in my breakfast, by sprinkling it over my breakfast cereals, they add a nutty flavour to it. I'm not sure about weight yet! But I can feel the change in my skin and health.

Raw hemp seeds:
Raw hemp seeds offer you the plant based protein. They are considered as most nutritious seed. It aids digestion, heart disease and reduce the symptoms of PMS in women.
You can consume it raw, roasted or cooked.
I tried it in fried rice, just add it the moment you add other veggies or cumin.

Garlic bread seasoning:
Honestly I'm not too good at cooking, but thanks to Amul for their Garlic butter ( try it out if you haven't tried yet), I can now easily make garlic bread at home.
Special thanks to Garlic bread seasoning by Sorich Organics, which made it even easier for me to give that perfect taste to garlic bread.

Sharing my garlic bread recipe here with you all :

  1. Take a bread loaf!
  2. Cut it into pieces
  3. Take a pan or tawa and heat the bread piece over it.
  4. Take it out and now apply Amul Garlic Butter to it using butter knife.
  5. Sprinkle some Sorich Organics Garlic Bread Seasonings.
  6. Also you can sprinkle Sorich Organics Red Chilli Flakes, if you're a spicy lover too.
  7. Try out sprinkling Sorich Organics lemon Chilli Sprinkler! For that "chatpata" taste (this is absolutely optional)

And it's ready!!
Serve it with ketchup or cheese dip and enjoy your own made Garlic bread.

I hope you liked this blogpost
Love ya! ❤️


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