Rock your Style in Budget

The real struggle of a college going student revolves around expenditure. They know how difficult it is to manage so many expenses, with a limited pocket-money. We can neither compromise on food, nor on our looks, so it is our need to learn how to look amazing within a budget. 
Girls from Delhi must be aware of Sarojini Nagar. It’s a street market with various lanes from where you can buy clothes and stuff at very low prices, but Personally I’ve never loved “Sarojini Nagar”, and the reason is I always used to end up buying unnecessary stuff, moreover most of the things were defected! But recently I met Kritika Khurana, at Radisson Blu, at an event of the “Art of Wedding”. I asked her few queries and she was so humble to answer all of them. Also she suggested me to switch to Sarojini Nagar stuff, rather than buying expensive branded clothes for my blog. I followed what she said and decided to give Sarojini Nagar a last chance 😛, and yes! This time I became lucky to get me some amazing stuff at such an amazing rates. Now it’s a big yes to Sarojini Nagar from my side. 

Coming back to the topic,

Today I’ll be giving some tips on how to rock your style in budget:

1. Keep a check on what’s trending: 

Keep looking for new trends in market. What’s hot! What’s currently trending! But don’t go with the flow. 

Be trendy in your own way, nobody is forcing you to wear what’s trending! But what’s trending in your mind. 

2. Assure good quality stuff

Make sure you buy good quality stuff. Fabric matters a lot! You can’t wear something that is trendy, but the fabric is not suitable, and making you uncomfortable. So make sure you buy good fabric clothes.

3. Choose street market over high-end brands 

This is what I learned recently! Prefer street market over high end brands. It will take time to you to find the outfit you need! But it’s worth it! 

But yes! Have a branded collection saved for some special days. 😉❤️

4. Mix and Match!

Try mix and match strategy. 

Start fusing your clothes and you never know what outfit you’ll end up with. This will give more power to your wardrobe. 

5. Wear Your Confidence

Be confident in your own skin. Whatever you’re wearing, rock it with confidence, and you’ll automatically see that people are finding you attractive and your looks are far better than before. 
For more tips, You can check out my previous blogpost TIPS TO LOOK CLASSY WITH LIMITED POCKET MONEY. 
Look at my outfit for random day at college, that I’ve created under ₹500 

Here are the prices:

1. Mustard Culottes: ₹200

2. Black tank top: ₹60

3. Red Shrug: ₹120

4. Neckpiece: ₹100
I hope this blogpost helps you well ❤️

Stay Gorgeous 😍

Goodbye till next time ❤️
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