Reviewing Blue Heaven Walk Free Mascara 

Today is the second monday of October and I’m reviewing beauty products on my blog on every Monday of this October.  The product I’m reviewing today is Blue Heaven Walk free Mascara. 

I just wanted to try out this product to know how well it works and is this product really good at what it claims?
Here are the Details of the product:

Brand: Blue Heaven 

Product: Walk Free Mascara 

Price: ₹106



The Walk Free Mascara by Blue Heaven claims the following features:

1. Length and Volume

No doubt, it gives a good length and volume to eyelashes, the formula is good enough to give to longer eyelashes. 

2. Base to tip curl

The brush of the Mascara gives you perfect base to tip curl, depending upon how you apply it. The curl stays at its place for good 4-5 hours. 

3. Long wearing results

As I’ve already mentioned above the curls stays at its place for good 4-5 hours and sometimes even more than that. So it gives a long wearing results. 

4. Smudge proof

I would say that This mascara is partially smudge proof as it takes too much of time to dry out completely. It can be easily smudged if touched within 5 minutes of applying this. 

5. Water proof

This Mascara isn’t water proof, it comes off with a drop of water ☹️

( This is the major drawback of this mascara) 
So I would rate it 3 star out of 5, as it is neither that good nor such bad deal in this price. 


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