Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighter Review 

Hey! 🎀
Last Monday of October 2017 and I’m reviewing my favourite product “Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighter” 

Highlighter is the product that is used to highlight the areas you want to pop up. Mostly used on cheek bones, and the bridge of the nose. 
It gives a bling to your face, making it look Shiny, and highlighted. 

I personally use it when I’m super tired and I’ve to go out for any sort of work or event, this adds an instant Glow to my Face and nobody could ever judge how tired I am. 
Here are the details of the product:

Brand: Makeup Revolution 

Product name: Strobe Highlighter 

Shade: Moon Glow Lights 

Price: ₹650

Image courtesy Amazon



1. Adds an instant Glow to your face and results in making your face look fresh. 

2. The highlight (or shine) is not shimmery, rather it’s soft and blends beautifully on Indian skin tone. 

3. The product is worth its price. Undoubtedly an amazing deal at this price. 


1. You need to apply more amount of highlighter to obtain the perfect look. 
I hope you liked this review Monday session. 

Lots of love ❤️

Stay Gorgeous 💋
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