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About Hair Nourishment at Metamorphosis Clinic

Hello people

So as promised, I’m back with my new blogpost in which I’ll be sharing my experience with Hair nourishment treatment at Metamorphosis Clinic. 

We’re living in the environment with heavy pollution scales. Pollution damages our hair and make them dull, here we have”Hair nourishment treatment” for our rescue. 

I went to Metamorphosis Clinic at Greater Kailash for hair nourishment treatment too and believe me! I feel that hair nourishment treatment is way much better than hair spa. 

The complete process was of four major steps:

1. Oiling: the process started with a good hair oil session. The expert oiled my hair very well, by doing it deep to the scalp as well. 

2. Steaming: after oiling my hair, it was the time to give steam to my hair. So took steam for 15-20 minutes. 

3. Hair nourishment pack: after that she applied a hair nourishment pack to my hair. The pack was completely made of natural herbs and was chemical free. The mask was kept in my hair for 30-40 minutes. 

4. Hair wash:  after keeping it for approx. 40 minutes. She washed off the pack from my hair and gave me a good hair wash and conditioner. 

At clinic Metamorphosis, you’ll find friendly and well trained staff. They’ll inform you about the products they’re using on you. As I talked about them in my last post. 

Head to Metamorphosis Clinic if you’re searching for a good rejuvenating and pampering session. 

You can find their contact details here

Also Use the Code SAK15 to avail 15% discount !  

Stay Gorgeous❤️


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